Damaging Deluge – Dealing with water damage

The past week was a tough one for the Greater Cincinnati area, having been drenched in rains of epic proportions. Paul McKibben of NKY.com says that the rain measured almost 4 inches in one week. That’s just “0.01-inches shy of the normal rainfall for all of July, according to the National Weather Service!” With many areas getting even more than the city average, it’s no wonder that homeowners all over Cincinnati are in dismay over ruined rugs.
For towns such as Sharonville, for example, flooding is a major problem during these torrential downpours. We have heard several accounts of people just finishing their basements, only to wake up to 6 or more inches of water covering their brand new carpets.
If you are one of these people, don’t despair! Water restoration is a fairly simple task for those who make it their profession. But do be wary of short-cutters, who may tell you all you need is a few fans for a few hours and voila! An underlying problem of mold and disease can result if the padding under the carpet is not dried, or, in most cases, replaced. Also be wary of those money-hungry contractors who will tell you the entire basement needs to be redone! In most cases, your favorite brand new carpet can be saved, and if the water is dealt with in a timely manner, most other problems can be avoided.
If you need water damage flooring repair or water extraction, or if some other company dried out your basement but left your carpet and padding a mess, give Norton Flooring a call. We have experienced and certified installers who can repair the damage and make your floor look like new. And if you want to use this flood as a chance to replace that old stinky carpet you’ve always hated, we can help you find and purchase an affordable new rug that you’ll love for years to come!
Keep us in mind, and stay dry, Cincinnati!

Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to start thinking about your Spring cleaning!! If your carpet can be salvaged, we can restretch, patch, and/or clean it. If you need new, we have the best deals in town. Mention this blog and get 10% off any service. A new floor can give your whole house a face lift and as a result, improve your overall mood, every time you walk in. We can all use a little mood booster after the holidays!!